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Learn the main principles of what constitutes a glaze in a small group (maximum 5 people) over 2 Saturday afternoons. This workshop is aimed at people who fire at cone 6 (1220 Celsius) and in oxidation.


Part one: Choose a base glaze (could be glossy/matt/lava/crawl) recipe (I will supply a typical recipe for that base) and make tests by increasing/changing an oxide or material. You'll need to keep a careful record of what you do. You can have up to 12 test tiles/mini pots and need to arrive with all of them bisqued. I will fire all the tests and


Part 2: on the second Saturday, we analyse the results. Compare notes literally. See what effect increasing/decreasing an oxide has. You can choose one to make in a 3L pot to take back with you.

Usually Part one takes longer and you should allow 3 hours. Part 2 is about 2.5hours.


IMPORTANT: Each student needs to bring their own FTP2/FTP3 mask or respirator.


The cost includes all the materials.


Introduction to glaze tech, a 2 part workshop. 5th & 12th October 24

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