2022 face-to-face events

13-29 May: Head to the wonderful Omved Gardens in Highgate for a The Wild Collective.

23-29 May: Sofap Spring Exhibition, The Gallery, Fulham Library, W6.

2-3 April: London Potters at Normansfield Theatre, Teddington.

26th March: W4 Ceramics Fair, the Catholic Centre, Duke Avenue, London, Chiswick.

18 November-30 January
: delighted to take part in Thrown Contemporary Winter Exhibition online. Just click on the blue writing above to have a look.

12-13 November: W4 Art & designchristmas Fair, St Alban's church, W4 5LG
 9-15 November: Sofap Art Exhibition & Sale, Exhibition Hall, Fulham LibrarySW6

27-28 NovemberOpen Studio, Handmade in Chiswick, 132, Park Rd, W4
New work and familiar forms, one-off vases and festive decorations, plus the ever   popular Seconds table by:  Rachel Bryant, Callum Forbes, Yoshie Prideaux, Manami Tsukada, Caroline Umali and myself.


The Wild Collective announcement.jpg


I explore the physical properties of clay through varying the forming techniques. I am interested in the relationship between form and surface and make my own ash glazes. I use the properties of various glazes and clay bodies for decorative effect, how one will run on top of another, how the iron-rich body comes through on the rim of a bowl.

I'm particularly interested in working with black clay and iron rich clay bodies. Recently I started making vessels using the Kurinuki technique, starting from a solid block of clay and  hollowing out the inside, adding texture to the outside, making each piece absolutely unique. I’m influenced by traditional Japanese and Korean ceramics.

I want my pots to bring joy to the eye and the hand of the user and I very much hope my pots get used, rather than sleep on a safe shelf!

My work is in private collections in the UK and in South Korea. You can find some of my larger, one-off pieces at Cambridge Ceramics Gallery.



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